Tuesday, September 2, 2008

About Structural Integration

Structural Integration is the name Dr. Rolf gave to her original approach to health and wellness. The main goal is to raise the level of balance of the whole body along the lines of gravity. Dr. Rolf said…”When the body gets working appropriately, the force of gravity can flow through. Then, spontaneously, the body heals itself.”

Gradually, gracefully the body evolves to a noticeably easy, balanced, symmetrical, and effortlessly upright stance. Chronic pains and stress associated with bodily imbalances resolve spontaneously. Relief of symptoms is a byproduct of the main goal of aligning the body with the force of gravity. Also, looking beyond therapeutic concerns, having a balanced body is a foundation for personal growth, peak physical performance, and full artistic expression.

People of all ages, varying backgrounds, and different levels of ability will get wonderful lasting benefits. It is a foundational life lesson for living well. This is especially true for children. They take away an unambiguous engrained sense of true balance to support them to grow up unimpeded, to stay healthy, to live fully, and to reach whatever goals they choose for themselves.

How Structural Integration Works

Structural Integration is formatted as a series of 10 weekly sessions. Each is tailored to your individual needs and guided by a specific set of structural anatomical goals. There is gentle, sculptural manipulation of the soft connective tissue of the body and movement education. Structural Integration is peerless and definitive. It is not a substitute for appropriate medical attention or other therapies; it is complementary. Balancing your body with gravity activates and supports your innate ability to be healthy, effective, and to grow to your fullest potential.

Balance and Gravity

Balance is central to health. Indeed, health means balance. Reflect on how the human body must find its balance on this Earth. Just like every other physical object the body is under the constant pull of gravity. In fact, it is the single most prominent physical force the human body has to deal with. There is a direct link between how your body stacks up in gravity and the level of your health, well being, and effectiveness.

The architectural design of the body calls for left/right symmetries, with the major segments stacked up vertically one on top of the other. Yet, as Dr. Rolf observed, being out of balance in this basic way is so commonplace it goes unnoticed. What is usual are unique, random, imbalanced patterns and their associated compensations. When we do see the rare individual who enjoys truly normal balance we are moved by the self evident ease, power, presence, and grace. We intuitively recognize this as our birthright. It is something we want for ourselves.

For Your Consideration

Take a moment and imagine feeling free and easy in your body. Moving with power, presence and grace. Your body in good order and free of unnecessary restrictions. Feeling good. Looking good. Empowered to do your best, to be your best. Invigorated to realize your full potential for sound health, well being, growth and achievement. These are some of the possibilities with Structural Integration.

Next Steps

Certainly, the idea of living in balance makes sense. However, learning structural balance as a youngster or reestablishing such balance when you are an adult does take doing. But, isn’t real growth about transforming yourself, applying yourself to turn your goals and aspirations into realities? When you decide to take this next step, Dr. Ida P. Rolf Method Structural Integration will give you definitive, personalized assistance.
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